Sep 15 -

People have asked me what it’s like to walk fashion week: do the butterflies ever go away before stepping out (no), what is it like to walk straight into a wall of photographers at the end of the runway (blinding), don’t you care about changing in front of other people (no, everyone else is busy in the mad dash to change looks and/or trying to find their shoes to pay attention to you—someone else always has your shoes)? While my heyday was back when shows were held in the tents, and photographers polaroided light tests (how digital photography has changed everything!), despite the innumerable changes in the fashion industry over the years, the experience and energy of a fashion show somehow have always remained the same. 

Given my fashion and increasingly tech-focused nerdery, I was so excited to hear about Diane von Furstenberg collaborating with Google to demonstrate Google’s Glass technology for her Spring 2013 RTW show. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a snippet of the exhiliration of walking the runway, and the chaos of fashion week, here’s your chance. If the video isn’t showing up, you can  check it out here!

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